Arlington Personal Injury Attorney

Attorney for Personal Injuries

We care about you. If you or a loved one was injured or lost their life because of someone else’s actions, we know you are feeling pain, frustration, and sadness. We understand that lost wages, high medical costs, and personal loss are overwhelming. We can help. Machi & Associates, P.C. help people like you by protecting your rights, pursuing the compensation you deserve, and never charging you for our legal representation until we recover money for you. You need an Arlington Personal Injury Lawyer who will provide the advice you need, the honesty you expect, and the compassion you deserve.

How We Can Help

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as a result of negligence or misconduct on the part of someone else, we can help. Machi & Associates, P.C. can help you recover financial compensation for your accident claim where allowed in a Texas personal injury case: medical expenses, physical pain, mental anguish, lost wages or work time, physical impairment, disfigurement, injuries to a spouse, exemplary damages, and wrongful death.

  1. We help you get compensation for all of your pain and suffering.
  2. We help you get compensation for your medical bills and doctor visits.
  3. We help you find medical treatment and and equipment that you need.
  4. We help you recover a family member's aor lost past or future income.
  5. We deal with insurance companies to protect your rights and interests.