When Your Car is Repossessed

If your car is repossessed, you need to act quickly. We may be able to get your car back within 24 hours. Call our office now. If you are worried about repossession, call our office to see if you are eligible for protection from repossession.

Avoiding Repossession

It is always easier to keep repossession from occurring than to dispute it after in happens. If you realize that you will be late paying contact your creditor. Many times the credit company will work with you if they believe you will be able to make payment soon.

You may be able to delay payment or revise your payment date. If you make changes to the actual contract, be sure to get it in writing. However, your finance company may not accept a late payment or negotiate with you. They may demand you return the vehicle. If you agree to a "voluntary repossession," you may reduce the fees owed to the creditor. Even if you work with them and return the vehicle, your creditor may still enter late payments or repossession on your credit report.

If you are facing bankruptcy, ask an attorney for information about your rights to the vehicle during this process.