Is a Bank, Credit Card Company, or Debt Collector Suing You?

Banks, credit card companies and debt collectors are becoming more and more aggressive in going after people who have fallen behind on their payments. Many are taking these cases to court against people who have fallen victim to the tough economic times our country is facing.

The vast majority of the people sued for a debt do not hire a lawyer, even though the credit card companies send experienced lawyers to court to represent them. These attorneys do not represent you and are not there to help you. You might try representing yourself but you are setting yourself up for failure.

In North Texas, people come to Machi & Associates for credit card lawsuit defense representation when they feel harassed or treated unfairly by a credit card company, debt collector, or bank. We are in your corner, providing aggressive, comprehensive credit card lawsuit defense.

Even If You are Being Sued, You Have Rights!

Creditors cannot garnish wages in Texas, so selling debts to a third party for collection is a popular practice for credit card companies. Often, it is this third party that files a lawsuit, hoping to make a profit on your misfortune. Sometimes the debts are very old and a debt collector or credit card company may have failed to properly notify you about the debt or accurately keep track of what balances are paid off or settled. We can help you determine if the debt is valid or if your consumer rights have been violated.

Some people who are being sued by their banks or creditors feel that, because they fell behind on their payments or encountered financial hardship, they cannot defend themselves in the lawsuit. That is simply not true! You have rights. If you have been sued by a bank, credit card company, debt collection agency, call Machi & Associates today.

We will help you if a lawsuit is filed against you by any of the below creditors and lawfirms, or any other plantif. So call Machi and Associates if you are: